Drawing of an Angora goat

Scapegoats, Royalty, and a Summary of the Series So Far

We apparently need a scapegoat on whom to blame 'the bad stuff', whether or not there is one single entity at fault for what ails us. Does the devil have goat's feet by coincidence?
8 min read
Make the Darkness Conscious

Make the Darkness Conscious

We glimpsed the world that could be, a world that most of us have borne at least brief witness to. Where wordless harmony calls the tune and our eyes are fixed on the same light beyond the horizon, a light that comes from a place deeper than our differences.
4 min read
Chained To The Earth

Chained To The Earth

This is Part Four of the investigation into Moloch, the Solid State Intelligence, Ahriman, and other dark forces which are either a kind of shorthand for coordination failures, or, from another viewpoint are in a very real sense evil entities.
5 min read
All You Need Is Power

All You Need Is Power

In this third part of my series on Moloch and co-ordination failures I would like to dive into what I see as the fundamental issue relating to what appears to be the problem of evil in this world. No pressure, then. ;)
6 min read