The Black Iron Prison

The Black Iron Prison

PKDs idea is that humanity is under a spell, or has become infected with a 'mind-virus'. This virus has colonised our psyche, and one of its main effects is that it tells us that there is no mind-virus.
4 min read
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Part Eight: Egregores

Imagine that the psyche as a whole is outer space, and the stars and planets are the egregores; each has a ‘gravity’ which pulls thoughtforms with lower ‘mass’ towards them. The more people who are attracted to an egregore, the more power it has.
6 min read
Drawing of an Angora goat

Scapegoats, Royalty, and a Summary of the Series So Far

We apparently need a scapegoat on whom to blame 'the bad stuff', whether or not there is one single entity at fault for what ails us. Does the devil have goat's feet by coincidence?
8 min read
Chained To The Earth

Chained To The Earth

This is Part Four of the investigation into Moloch, the Solid State Intelligence, Ahriman, and other dark forces which are either a kind of shorthand for coordination failures, or, from another viewpoint are in a very real sense evil entities.
5 min read