About Guy James

Just another refugee from normality.

A person is a process, not a static 'thing'. I am a person with too many interests; I just don't get how anyone can be bored, especially not these days when there are so many interesting developments in so many fields, (and so much to do to regenerate the planet).

I love to write, and to learn, and I find the best way is to do both of these in a feedback loop: the learning informs the writing, the writing makes sense of the learning, and the side effect of this is that one ends up helping others to make sense of the world too.

I tend to steer clear of polarised debates, culture wars, low-res arguments, strawmanning, and so on. This can have the effect that one ends up being shot at by both sides but it can also be a joy when one finds like-minded souls and can talk in a nuanced way. This newsletter is my attempt to find those souls and engage with them.

I have worked with the P2P Foundation, FairCoop, Guerrilla Translation, Cooperativa Integral Catalunya, Ecoxarxa Garrotxa and Pandorahub, in addition to doing bill-paying I.T. work and website design.

I live in Catalunya, sometimes by the coast and sometimes in the mountains.

My degree is in Philosophy and Literature from the University of Sussex, UK. I have also studied with Rebel Wisdom (Sensemaking 101 course), Commons Engine (Currency Design with Ferananda Ibarra, Emaline Friedman and Jean Russell), the Money and Society MOOC (taught by Matthew Slater and Jem Bendell), The Future Ain't What It Used To Be (Grace Rachmany), Tools For The Regenerative Renaissance (Phoebe Tickell and Stephen Reid), How To DAO, The Promise of Decentralisation (both taught by Stephen Reid with guests), and two courses with Daniel Pichbeck: Crossing The Threshold (about scientific theories about possible life after death) and The Creative Word (writing course).

As can be surmised from that, my interests include complementary currency design, crypto, NFTs and DAOs, P2P governance structures, philosophy both Eastern and Western, non-duality, also music (especially prog and jazz rock, classical, psychedelic and experimental), and reading (mostly non-fiction but also some sci-fi).

I love nature, especially mountainous regions and the coast.

I am on Mastodon @[email protected] (and the surveillance capitalism networks too).

You can see a selection of my photography at photos.guyjames.com.